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U of I Student Worries About Campus Safety After MSU Shooting

By: Liara Aber

This year there have been more mass shootings than days so far. This makes some students Di-sensitized to the news. Some students can't help but worry, though.

U of I student, Alexia Popa says she didn’t expect a school shooting on a college campus. "I thought I was safe from that,” Popa says. She hoped that she would be in the clear once she got through high school. She is now worried that this is not the case.

Chancellor Jones sent an email Tuesday morning addressing the mass shooting in East Lansing. Popa says she received the Chancellor’s email while in the Illini union. The union in East Lansing was one of the two buildings on Michigan State’s campus that the shooter entered. Popa says this coincidence scared her, “It was also very disheartening cause I realized it could happen any moment at any school.”

Jones went on to applaud Michigan State’s rapid and focused response to the shooting. Even in a moment of distress, Michigan State and community first responders quickly prevented more injuries and lives lost. Jones assures students that the University of Illinois has made and practiced responses for a variety of tragic scenarios at our school like the one on the MSU Campus. He hopes these measures never have to be taken.

Popa says Chancellor Jones did a good job sending his thoughts and prayers to those at Michigan State. Jones refers to those in Lansing as our spirited athletic rivals, personal friends, and respected academic partners. Right now though, the Chancellor explains that above all else, those at Michigan state are members of our family. Those at MSU are in our hearts as they mourn for those killed and pray for those who were injured.

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