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"Succeeding in a New World" presents some of the challenges that international students face while living abroad. From the language barrier and academic pressure to the difficulty of making new friends from other countries. The special presentation also shows how they overcome cultural differences to have a great experience in the United States.


Going to another country to pursue dreams and education Is not an easy goal to achieve. Students have to deal with many struggles, from the weather and time zone change to the food. Reporter Manu Ferreira Talked to students to learn a little bit about what they have been through. Three obstacles were in common among them.

Cultural Exchange

Having clubs and events promoted by the University is important to integrate students and celebrate cultural diversity. In this story, you will learn how international students feel about sharing their culture with others in the community.


Despite all the challenges and problems, students that leave their countries to study abroad are very likely to succeed in their careers. In this story, you will meet three former international students that graduated and found jobs in their field of study in the United States and even overseas.

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