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U of I Student Fulfills Childhood Dream of Owning His Business

Updated: Feb 27

By: Liara Aber

Web page for Tech n' More

U of I student, Christopher George has had dreams of owning his own business since middle school. Just this month, he finally made that dream come true.

Seven years ago, Christopher George started a YouTube channel called Tech n’ More. He was bullied for his size in middle school and said he found comfort in making tech review videos. George’s channel started out small with mostly family and friends subscribing but quickly grew in support. George said, “the rate at which it was growing kind of surpassed the rate at which people could make fun of me.”

By the end of 9th grade, instead of calling George mean names, they started calling him “Tech n’ More.” He got over 4,000 subscribers. George stated that he had, “made a name for myself that wasn’t my own.”

Eventually George had to take a break from YouTube to focus on school. He got into the U of I for bioengineering but his classes became stressful. George said he got back into YouTube as his outlet apart from school.

Family picture of Christopher George and his family in July 2020

Inspired by entrepreneurs in his family, he decided he wanted to own his own business as an extension of his YouTube brand. He applied on with his school address. His dad supported him through the entire process, and George emoted that his mom, “also has never said no to any of my dreams.”

Headshot of Christopher George.

He announced that with the support of family, friends, and faith, he was approved; he was officially the sole owner of Tech n’ More Productions LLC.

George said he didn’t create his business the traditional way. He got ownership of the name and is working forward from there. He said his next step is aligning funds for the business and finding clientele. George hopes to do media production, specifically filming baptism videos. He expressed that he’s happy he got the business so young and is excited for the future. George believes that, “no matter the age, you can truly do whatever you want with your life.”

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