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She's Standing Up for Environmental Justice

Even though she looks like she's sitting down.

This past week the Global Leaders Program hosted keynote speaker Sakshi Vaya, a small but mighty voice for environmental justice. A 4'11" sophomore, Sakshi has already started her own business back home in India thanks to help from the social impact boot camp organized by the college of business. Her business collects biodegradable waste from houses, composts it, returns part of it to the same houses and sells the rest. The business, Jeevata, plans to sell the products on Amazon very soon.

The event was made possible by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Global Leaders Program which is designed to give domestic and international students real-world practice in problem-solving, and cross-cultural communication. The program is evenly split between national and international students giving it a very wide and evenly diverse lense. Other speakers at the event talked also about Social Justice and Environmental Justice being one in the same. The speakers also drew comparisons between MLK's fight for equal rights and the fight for Environmental Justice.

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