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Illini & Altgeld Hall Projects

by Michal Szczepaniak

Altgeld Hall, known for the Altgeld chimes that overlook the University campus, is undergoing significant renovations in the coming years. The building, which has not been renovated since 1956, will have new heating and air conditioning units installed, two new elevators and significant restoration to the Mathematics Library. The building's woodwork, mosaics and murals are also being restored as part of the project. Construction of Altgeld Hall will begin early this year, though it is not expected to finish until 2026.

Just across the street, Altgeld's neighbor, Illini Hall, is also undergoing some renovations as part of the same projects. Illini Hall, originally built as the University YMCA in 1907, is being torn down and replaced with a data science center as part of the Champaign-Urbana hub of the Illinois Innovation Center. The project will replace Illini Hall with a larger building to accommodate the growth of the Mathematics and Statistics department, also introducing a data science component that does not currently exist on campus. The new facility will deliver world-class education opportunities and expand the University's research abilities in the data sciences. The Illini Hall tear-down is in full swing, with construction set to finish in 2024.

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