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Good Morning Illini

February 3, 2023

Producer Logon Hodson

Producer Erica Floss-Becker

Director Emmie Larson

Advisor Kenneth R. Erdey

Advisor Colleen King

Decrease in Champaign Crime Rates

There were 259 shooting incidents in champaign in 2021, with that number dropping to 129 in 2022. The report states the department's three key priorities for last year were reducing gun violence, increasing community engagement, and addressing quality of life concerns.

KAMS Rescues Orange Krush

The owner's of KAMS offers Orange Krush $6000 to pay for busses reserved for trip to Iowa City after the tickets they purchased were denied by Iowa.

Illini Hall Demolition Begins

The project is now underway as a part of an effort to expand the mathematics and statistics department. The new facility built in place of Illini Hall will bring new research capabilities.

Black History Month

Places around campus, like Ikenberry, have begun showing their support by decorating with the Black History Month's official colors: red, black and green.

ARC Renovations

The new strength and conditioning room used to home a few of the arc's many basketball courts.

Pattern and Process Exhibit

Nearly 40 artists work are on exhibit at West Gallery and light court of the Krannert Art Museum.

Alumna Composer Visits Music Students

A University of Illinois Alum, gave a presentation to U of I music composition students. Her work ranges from pieces for solo instruments to multimedia ensembles consisting of video, electronically produced sound, and acoustic instruments.

Weekend Look Ahead

We have you covered for all your weekend activities in this weekend's look ahead.

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