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A Different Kind of Fashion

By Ranon Herman

The 37th Annual Asian American Association (AAA) Fashion Show is not actually a fashion show. Despite the format and changes to the show over the years the name has remained a constant. Indeed the fashion show has its own celebrities such as Arden Cho who performed in 2004 when she was a student here.

The theme for this years Fashion Show was Memories. The three dance scenes Bizcaz, NightLife and Cultural all eluded to this theme. Each scene had a dedicated movie. The various acts were separated by a part of one of the three films. Each year AAA invites other Student Organizations to perform at the show as guests. One of the most popular guest acts each year is taekwondo.

The various dances feature music from genres such as C-pop, K-pop, J-Pop and Hip-Hop. The AAA Fashion Show has pretty much everything. Dragons, Yo-Yo’s, a Glow Stick Dance and even a sense of family. The two student coordinators Julia Wakikata and Amanda Wang spoke about their desire to make the performance and AAA a welcoming environment for everyone to contribute creatively.

The Director for this years cultural film Daniel Zhang is excited to finish the Wuxing Warriors sequel and hopes it does even better than the first. You can learn more about AAA by following them on their instagram @aaa_uiuc

Wuxing Warriors 1 -

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