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UIUC student gets assaulted and robbed

By Alex Bahena

Early Morning on September 5, a Campus Safety Notice was sent out to the University’s students and faculty after a university student was assaulted and robbed near Springfield St and Wright St.

A student of the university was walking in the area around Springfield St and Wright St at around 9:58 A.M. They would soon be approached by an individual who was wearing a hoodie and on a bicycle.

The campus safety notice mentions that the UIUC student was punched and then would get their phone taken away from them by the individual on the bicycle. The person on the bicycle would then drive away from the scene. The student who was robbed would not need any medical attention after the situation.

In the Campus Safety Notice that was sent out to the university, it was mentioned that there are several cameras around the university to ensure that everyone is safe and well protected.

The Campus Safety Notice stated that “More than 2,300 security cameras are posted around campus to deter crime and identify offenders.” These cameras were beneficial in identifying the offender of the altercation. Cameras in the area were able to capture the offender after the robbery had taken place.

The University Police alongside the Champaign Police Department and Urbana Police department care very much about the community’s safety and want to make sure that everyone feels safe in the area.

As the recent rise in crime, begins to become a bigger concern for the people on campus. The University Police make it known that it is important to remain safe and that there are available resources to ensure that everyone is safe at all times. They also advise people to stay together at all times, stay alert, and make use of programs such as SafeWalks.

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