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February 2, 2023

Today on UI7 Live. The effects of Tyre Nichols death can be felt around the world, including our own backyard. A group of protestors marched to Champaign County Court House in solidarity to the Nichols family.

Then, the University of Illinois has raised tuition to all of their campuses for incoming freshman and out-of-state students.

We have the details of who will feet the cost of school the most.

Then the Orange Krush became a hot topic last night after University of Iowa Athletics Department invalidated all 200 tickets the Krush. We talked to an organizer about what happens now for the Illinois v. Hawkeyes basketball game this weekend.

Today is Groundhog day. We know Phil's prediction, but what about our forecast? UI7 Weather's Kyla Wolski has your weekend temps covered.

Plus we will look at why you might have just paid over eight dollars for a dozen eggs.

Don't fly the coop. UI7 Live starts right now.

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