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U of I Campus Assault

By Ying Yee Wong

A University of Illinois employee was attacked on campus on Monday. He is now recovering at home after the incident.

University of Illinois Police officials said a U of I custodian reported to them that he was hit from behind to his head while working at Gregory Hall on Monday early morning. The offender left the hall after the incident, and officers could not find anyone in the surrounding area. The victim was taken to the hospital after the injury. He was released and now recovering at home.

"It's tragic and sad to hear," said Robert Herbolich, a senior student with an advertising major. Most of his courses are taken in Gregory Hall. He said the school should also announce this incident as a campus safety notice to students.

"Which is kind of concerning to me because I think if an assault on campus, it should be something that students know about, especially when it's in a building," Robert said.

Nour Longi is a sophomore with journalism and statistics majors. She also spends much time in Gregory Hall because her faculty is in the building. After hearing the news, she is more worried about campus safety.

"It does make you feel really unsafe, especially as a woman and as well as a college student, like we do have to spend a lot of time out late at night to get our work done," she said.

She also shares her ways of self-defense, "I protect myself by carrying like pepper spray. I obviously always make sure my phone is charged. And my mom is definitely giving me a stern talking about what to do in an emergency situation."

University of Illinois Police officials is working on this investigation, and the university's Facilities and Services department is cooperating with them. Anyone who has relevant information about this incident is asked to contact U of I Police by calling 217-333-1216.

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