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Question to expand emergency contraceptive access on campus is on ballot today

By Carley Edwards

Voting for the Illinois Student Government continues through midnight tonight. There are many student representatives from each college on the ballot hoping to enact change.

There are numerous referenda questions that can impact student life on campus in the future. Many of them call for minimal increases to student fees for different program initiatives.

One referenda question is titled “Improve Patient Experience and Expand Emergency Contraception Access.” If approved, this would increase accessibility for emergency contraception on campus.

As of now, emergency contraceptives are only offered at McKinley Health Center. However, this could be an issue for students to get to and there are restricted hours of operation.

If the concern is passed, emergency contraceptives would be available for pick-up at the Illini Union Basement Health Resource Center or at the Ikenberry Commons.

“I think increasing Plan B accessibility on campus would be very beneficial to the campus community and to promote safer sex practices,” says Asia Sobek a senior in LAS.

Manas Gajjela is running for Illinois Student Government President alongside Shivang Bhaskar for the Vice President position.

They say that, "Elections are a chance for students to make their voices heard. We would like to encourage every student to vote. It makes an impact, even if it may not seem that way."

ISG's primary responsibility is to serve as a liaison between the student body and University of Illinois officials.

Both Gajjela and Bhaskar hope to make sure student voices are heard and aim to improve the campus to the best of their abilities.

They have great respect for the other candidates and believe that no matter the outcome that students will come together and confidently be able to express their needs to the upcoming administration.

To cast your vote on the candidates and issues please visit:

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