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New Abortion Clinic to Open in Champaign

By Aliza Majid

Champaign will be welcoming its second reproductive care clinic to the area come February 11th. Patients will be able to find resources for pregnancy termination and contraceptive services regardless if they live within the community or come from out of town.

According to Dr. Keith Reisinger-Kindle, the owner and medical director of Equity Clinic, the facility will begin to be open exclusively on long weekends to start off in order to accommodate patients' needs.

“Having a clinic open on the weekends makes it easier to help balance whatever job or childcare issues that may be present. This is to help serve our patients' needs,” Reisinger-Kindle said.

The location chosen for the clinic isn’t a coincidence either.

Since Governor JB Pritzker signed an abortion law last week that protects out-of-state patients who require abortion care, Illinois has become a popular area for reproductive care access.

“The physical location of Champaign is in an area of Central Illinois that needs more services. We wanted to really put a big dent in the current care gaps that exist for patients, particularly in the Midwest,” Reisinger-Kindle said.

With the attack on the Peoria Planned Parenthood last week safety at abortion clinics is a topic resurfacing this year.

“We are frustrated with the fact that there is no longer police presence in clinic areas. You would think that with 2022 being as volatile as it was for abortion access, that there would be a sustained presence and not a diminish of presents,” said Emma Darboe, the President of the University’s chapter of Planned Parenthood Generation Action.

Reisinger-Kindle has recognized that there are many safety concerns associated with abortion clinics. This is why he has decided to invest in on-site armed security at all times patients are being seen and have 24/7 surveillance.

“Unfortunately, abortion clinics have experienced threats of actual violence for decades and it’s not anything new. If we cave and live in fear of those tactics they win which is why we will have top-of-the-line tech security to protect our patients,” Reisinger-Kindle said.

Equity Clinic is located at 2111 West Park Court in Champaign and can be contacted at 224-350-2991.

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