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Home ownership program relaunches

By Carley Edwards

There is a new opportunity for low-income families to become homeowners. This program is estimated to help more than thirteen hundred people in Illinois. Governor Pritzker says with today's rising cost of living, prospective buyers from historically disadvantaged communities are struggling to secure housing.

He goes on to say “That's why we are relaunching our opening doors program. Every Illinoisan deserves the opportunity to buy a home for their families, and that's exactly what this program achieves."

All Illinois residents are welcome to to apply. Those who qualify will receive six-thousand dollars for down payment and closing costs and a 30 year fixed mortgage. Eligibility is based on credit score, income level and home costs.

Nataly Kohshaba, a cook county resident, shares how this program opened many new doors for her.

"It made homeownership more possible so that I can still have the extra money required for the closing fees, for renovations, all the fun stuff that comes with being a new homeowner," said Kohshaba.

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