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Changes Coming to Memorial

By Alex Bahena

New changes are coming to Memorial Stadium after a stressful weekend against Wyoming last game. Despite the blowout win against Wyoming, a lot of people did not have a fun experience at the game.

A lot of people at the stadium were not satisfied with the packed crowds in the concessions and other areas of the stadium.

These new upgrades to the stadium are supposed to upgrade the experience for people attending the game

Many people did not like the long lines at security, and how it is a hassle and takes away from the overall experience. Therefore, the stadium plans to add more scanners at the security bag check with the hopes that lines begin to go faster.

To make the process go faster it is recommended that people also get mobile tickets as well as try to arrive early at the stadium. People can arrive as early as 90 minutes before kickoff.

Alongside, the additional improvements to security. The stadium intends on adding multiple water stations in the area. People did not like that they had to wait in long lines just to get water. People are also welcome to bring in clear empty plastic water bottles so they can fill them at the new water stations. Free coolers will also be available with water bottles at certain parts of the stadiums as well.

Traffic to and from the stadium can also be an issue for some of the people that attend games. Therefore additional shuttles will be added so getting to games is more accessible to the public.

Lastly, fireworks are going to be added to the stadium during the games. Fireworks will be shot off 60, and 25 minutes before kickoff, as well as every time the Fighting Illini Football team scores.

All these additions hopefully improve the overall experience for people attending Memorial Stadium from now on

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