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A fight ends in two people being shot

By Alex Bahena

On Saturday around 1:28, AM police had responded to a report of a shooting that occurred at the 700 block of South Third Street that left two Danville residents injured.

In a Campus safety notice, sent out to the University by the Executive Director of Public Safety and Chief of Police Alice Cary, Carry mentions witnesses’ perspective on how the situation happened, “Witnesses reported that one offender fired several shots and then ran east. Two people received non-life-threatening injuries as a result of the shooting.”

In a statement by the Champaign Police, they mention that when the police arrived to the scene they located two victims in need of medical attention. The statement from Champaign Police mentions both victims were from Danville, the first victim was 24, and had a wound to his lower extremity, and the second victim was also 24 and had an injury to the foot.

Both victims were transported to a local hospital where they are found to be in stable condition. In their statement, Champaign Police mentions the shooting is an ongoing investigation, and no arrests had been made.

A lot of concern has began to rise on the gun violence in the area with this being the third shooting in the are since July.

Cary understands the raising concern and mentions in her email that those who are affected from the situation reach out to the Student Assistance Center and meet with one of their staff members. Cary also mentions in her statement the importance of staying together and looking out for each other, “Gun violence is an issue that is affecting communities across the country, and ours is no exception.

We have a safe campus, but it is important that we take steps to look out for ourselves and each other, including staying in groups and using well-lit areas when traveling at night. You can help prevent crime by reporting suspicious activity to police and providing information when you witness an incident.”

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