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Good Morning Illini welcomes new anchors

After a great night of auditions, Good Morning Illini has selected 4 new anchors for the show. Plus, we once again have a meteorologist from Atmospheric Sciences for our weekend forecast. Congratulations to Elena Cleary, Kenny Dolin, Hannah Lonergan, Michal Szczepaniak and meteorologist Kyla Wolski. They will join Erica Floss-Becker in the Fall. Owen Henderson will be stdying abroad in Spain in the Fall, but will return Spring of 2023.

Speaking of returning, Good Morning Illini returns to air on September 16. The show will be providing live coverage of the IJEA Fall conference. Coverage begins at 9:30 AM.

The look for the return of our normal programming at 11:00 am on Friday September 23.

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