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"Two Years After Covid" focuses locally on the Champaign County area. Since the early days of the pandemic to now, everything and everyone has experienced setbacks. This show touches on the topics of health, business and public safety. The stories you will watch feature people, businesses and jobs that have struggled during the pandemic. While people in the stories have encountered hardships, all of them are hopeful for what the future comes. 

Hotel Service Challenges and Changes

by Amanda Brennan

The last two years, while working through various mandates and short staffing struggles, local hotels have had to change the way they host guests. After increasing cleaning protocols, they are fully reopen and employees are excited to return to a sense of normalcy.

Spectators Return to State Farm Center

by Anthony Pasquale

The State Farm Center has become known over time as a venue that hosts much more than just basketball games, but when COVID-19 halted life as we know it in 2020, State Farm Center employees were forced to operate COVID-19 testing sites instead.  Anthony Pasquale spoke with employees about how basketball has opened the doors for business in SFC.

Restaurants Surviving COVID

by Alec Busse

The pandemic caused havoc to many businesses across the country. The restaurant industry was hit particularly hard though, and Champaign restaurants are no exception. But one restaurant was able to adapt to the changing landscape and make it through the last two years. 

Construction and Home Supply Shortages

by Manu Ferreira

One trend that occurred over the course of the pandemic was home remodeling. People were isolating, stuck inside the same house for longer periods of time. this created a desire to redecorate. UI7 Manu Ferreira learned the past two years have been harsh for homeowners and housing businesses. The increase in demand and supply chain problems created backlogs and material shortage, especially the ones that come from overseas. In some places, delivery can be delayed for weeks or even months. 

UIUC Spreads COVID Testing State Wide

by Patrick Catezone

When the University of Illinois welcomed back students to campus in the middle of the pandemic they ran into an issue.

How to keep university students safe.

When students arrived back on campus they were required to spit in a tube as part of the new COVID shield testing. What started out as a way to keep students in the classroom has now become a state-wide initiative to keep illinoisans safe.

Performers Deal with Mental Health During COVID

by Maddy Chemers

Many platforms and performers switched from live performances to online and streaming projects. Performers in the entertainment industry became more creative when COVID hit. Using Zoom, Facebook live, recordings and other online sites and applications, musicians were able to continue pursuing their passion, but they did have to make adjustments.

Challenges of City Services During COVID.

by Gabby Hajduk

First responders didn't navigate COVID-19 the same as the general public. When stay at home orders were issued nationwide, that didn't apply to firefighters, emts or police officers. The Champaign fire department fell into that category. Rather than staying home with their families, trying to avoid the virus, firefighters were forced to risk their lives in ways they didn't sign up for. 

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