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Your Role in Homecoming

by Liara Aber

Last Monday evening, student affairs sent out a mass-mail informing students on their role in next year’s homecoming; choosing the theme. Following the link provided in the email, every student has the opportunity to suggest a theme. Later on, everyone will have the chance to vote on their favorite idea out of the top suggestions that are sent in.

Choosing the theme is a great way to get creative and show your school spirit. Last year’s homecoming theme was “we are famILLy.” The theme is printed on the football team’s gear as well as all over Illini gear that can be purchased at the bookstore.

When asked if they had ideas for the homecoming theme, a few students said no but many students had creative ideas. U of I junior, Sindra Gerdes suggests, “I think true to the orange and blue would be a really good one, mainly because the Illini have a really good alumni.”

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