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WILL Celebrates 100 Year Anniversary

By Angelle Cortes

WILL has been around the Champaign-Urbana community for a while dating back to 1922. Even before being on Goodwin Avenue, WILL got its start at the electrical engineering lab.

University of Illinois Chancellor Robert Jones was one of the many people in attendance for the event and was proud of the achievements done at Illinois Public Media.

"This centennial is really a celebration of the station's historic accomplishments, and certainly i believe is a promise for what will happen and the next 100 years and beyond this station and the people who have worked here and the friends and donors we have supported it," Jones said.

It's been a long way for WILL and the News and Public Affairs director Reginald Hardwick said that the celebration means a lot.

"It is really a momentous day here at will and to be part of a station that literally turned on and started broadcasting to the world, before television before the internet before social media 100 years ago was amazing," Hardwick said.

Even though the station just hit 100 years, Hardwick hopes to continue and expand local news coverage.

"Our goal here at Illinois public, whether it is adding full time people who have student dreams is to continue to grow and recover, Champaign-Urbana and all of Illinois," Hardwick said.

For Recreation and Sports Tourism and WILL Advisory member Robyn Deterding, she said that she's impressed with the different types of programming the station has offered.

"The work that they do with social justice is really impressive. You don't see that in a lot of communities and and providing the resources that get so many resources for people of all ages, all identities, all interest," Deterding said.

Deterding has been a long time listener and watcher of Illinois Public Media.

WILL offers many things to watch and listen to get news. It ranges from The 21st show on the air to Mid-American Gardener on YouTube.

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