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University student robbed in broad daylight

A University student withdrew cash out of an ATM and gave it to an offender after being physically threatened.

The student was walking on the sidewalk near Fifth and Green street around 2 p.m. where he was confronted by a man who pushed him, demanded money and threatened to hurt him.

Following this, the suspect led the student to an ATM at the 600 block of East Green Street. The student then withdrew cash and turned it over to the offender, who left the area.

The student followed the suspect to an ATM in the 600 block of East Green Street, withdrew cash, and gave it to the offender. The offender then left the area. The student did not require medical intervention.

According to the police call, there was a language barrier between the suspect and the police, which possibly required a translator. This signifies that the suspect did not speak English very well.

Security cameras caught an image of the suspect who was wearing a hoodie, blue jeans, and white shoes. According to the police description, the suspect was about 5 feet 10 inches in height and had a thin build.

The call was responded to by the University Police, who then released a report to students alerting them of the incident. Students shared their mixed responses to this robbery on social media.

One Reddit user found it hard to believe that the suspect “walked all the way to the ATM

under threat of violence but no actual weapon or violence in broad daylight on a Saturday on green street.”

Other Reddit users shamed those in the comments criticizing the victim’s response by saying they are “victim blaming” and shared their shock that the situation occurred in the middle of the day.

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