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University of Illinois students fundraise for earthquakes in Turkey and Syria

Updated: Mar 1

By Carley Edwards

Scene of destruction of buildings from Turkey's earthquake.

Six people are dead and 294 are injured after a second 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck Turkey last Monday.

This comes just two weeks after the devastating earthquake that left over 46 thousand people dead. Students on the University of Illinois campus are coming together to help raise funds for the impacted area.

The United Nations Children's Fund chapter at the University of Illinois are hosting fundraisers to help aid relief efforts overseas.

Maya Moucharrafie , the president of this student organization, said how the earthquakes were felt by her relatives miles from the epicenter.

Moucharrafie said "I have had family members that felt the trembling of the earthquakes in Lebanon. Thankfully, the destruction is nowhere near what Turkey and Syria experienced. I'm really grateful that they weren't affected in the same way but it was really bad."

You can donate directly to United Nations Children's Fund on their website

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