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University of Illinois increases tuition for all incoming freshmen

by Diana Anghel

All University of Illinois incoming freshmen will see an increase in tuition. For in-state students, a 1.9% surge applies, totaling $12,712 per year: a $220 increase compared to the previous year. For out-of-state or international students, tuition rates will rise between 2.2% and 2.5%.

This is only the second tuition increase in the past eight years, according to a University press release. The University stated that current tuition rates, even with the upscale, are “well below the rate of inflation.”

“The world-class education available at our three universities is the reason so many students choose the University of Illinois,” U of I System President Tim Killeen said in the press release. “These modest increases will ensure that we can maintain the levels of excellence that have led to record enrollment growth, and that the people of Illinois count on.”

The University also experienced its highest number of enrolled students last fall, with a record of 94,750. This follows a trend in enrollment rates, as the number of students has steadily increased with every year since 2013.

University of Illinois System Data

Illinois’ guaranteed tuition law requires state schools to freeze tuition rates for incoming freshmen for their first four years. Under this, currently enrolled students will see no change in their tuition rates, and the University cannot increase tuition for the next four years.

Ava Bellwoar, incoming freshman at the University, said that if she was an out-of-state student, U of I would probably not be as high on her radar because of the out-of-state tuition.

“I know that it’s still pretty expensive, but it’s mostly about the affordability and the great education that comes along with it,” she said.

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