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UI Professor contributing to COVID testing, vaccination advancements in East St. Louis

By: Alec Busse

University of Illinois social work professor Liliane Windsor is a contributing member to a project that is aimed to overcome barriers to COVID-19 testing and vaccination in East St. Louis, Ill.

The project is being implemented at CBHC in downtown St. Louis, with contributions being made by five other members from St. Clair County. The members are contributors to the project's community collaborative board.

The goals of the project develop effective interventions to reach people who are more susceptible to COVID-19. Organizers of the project, want to develop ways for East St. Louis and other St. Clair County residents to obtain COVID testing, learn more about prevention services and an increased awareness of recent public health communications.

The group decided that East St. Louis as the target community because of the large Black population in strong history of struggles with racism and connector the large loss of manufacturing jobs, which have created large amounts of poverty in the East St. Louis community.

Windsor's team also includes members from the North Jersey Community Reaserch Initiative Ellen Benoit, social work professor Rogério M. Pinto of the University of Michigan and Joe Harper the executive director of the Comprehensive Behavioral Health Center.

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