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Raising Cane's opens on Green Street

By Michal Szczepaniak

The highly anticipated Raising Cane's location on Green Street had its grand opening Tuesday. Hundreds of guests waited in a line that wrapped around the building. There was a live DJ and twenty lucky fans won a year-long supply of Cane's as part of the celebration.

Raising Cane's is known for its small menu of chicken fingers, French fries, teas toast and Cole slaw. And for many U of I students, that food is a reminder of home. Nick Pugh looks forward to eating Cane's whenever he visits home. He says campus was missing the chicken chain before this week.

"Everything is just so good and it's really good every time. I think that's what people love about Cane's. Also, the vibes inside of the restaurant are really fun, and they even have a rooftop up there where you can eat."

Nick was not the only one anticipating Cane's opening. Runali Hatalkar got a job there a few months ago. She says it felt good to finally welcome guests inside the restaurant.

"Everyone there is kind of just really excited about working. They play good music. We have a good time. It's not like... it's hectic, but it's not like hard. I always leave the day feeling pretty good about it. So I enjoy it."

Hatalkar said the crew had several training shifts in advance to prepare them for a busy opening. This is the first of two locations coming to Champaign. The second is set to open off campus in late June.

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