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Mental Health

by Jakob Stutz

Mental fatigue is something many student athletes deal with, often having many days of practice, games and class with no break in between. After 19 straight days without any rest, Illinois showed it in the loss vs Indiana.

They shot a season worst 9-23 at the free throw line and missed numerous layup attempts. Following the game, Brad Underwood stated that mental fatigue was a clear reason for the team's struggles getting those easy points.

When asked if there's something to do to prevent this in the future, Brad Underwood has an opinion.

By moving the schedule a bit earlier, Underwood believes it would certainly help not just the Illini, but many other teams across the NCAA.

"In my opinion the season should start November 1st," said Underwood. "This November 6th, 8th, 9th, why not just start it November 1st, built in an extra week so we can play league games earlier."

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