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ISM Presents: "Grease"

By: Liara Aber

ISM’s spring musical this year is Grease. Stage manager, Ava Booydegraaff, has been with ISM for 3 years. She says a lot goes into the show that most people don’t think about. Her job includes making schedules, taking attendance, calling cues, and more. She says, “It’s like bringing all the different pieces together.”

Booydegraaff also says there are a lot of people that go into putting on the show. She says ISM does a great job of bringing different people together; “It’s really nice that we can come from all different majors and all come together to work on a show that we are all passionate about.”

Lyla Stern is on the marketing team and soundboard for ISM, and says she loves that she can be involved in Grease despite not studying theatre. Stern is currently working on the merch for the show. Stern is in graphic design so she says she’s, “having a lot of fun looking at 50s retro graphics.”

The other members of ISM are having fun doing a classic 50s musical too. Emma Perisho plays Jan in the show. She says she loves that everyone knows the musical. “You get to go around to people and say ‘oh I’m in Grease’ and they’re like ‘oh my gosh, I love that show,’” Emma says.

Perisho says the show is upbeat with lots of dancing but it also has its serious moments. With that being said, Perisho’s character is all fun. She describes Jan as the class clown of the group. “It’s a really fun role to play because I have a lot of the goofy lines,” Perisho says, “it’s easy because… I kinda already am laughing and having fun so I’m not really acting much.”

And that seems to be the theme of Illini Student Musicals. “Everyone here seems to be having a good time, It’s just fun to be around the energy of it,” Lyla says. Emma encourages everyone to come see Grease, “it’s gonna be super fun!”

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