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IDPH not renewing COVID testing contract with Reditus after CEO charged

By Amanda Brennan

After community-based testing sites close in Illinois this Thursday, the Illinois Department of Public Health will not renew its COVID testing contract with Pekin-based Reditus labs. The contract will formally expire on June 30.

Aaron Rossi

A federal jury charged Reditus CEO Aaron Rossi with tax fraud after underrepresenting his income to the IRS in

2015, 2016 and 2017. His initial court hearing will be Thursday, April 7, in Peoria.

Reditus opened in 2019 and handles the community-based testing sites in the state of Illinois.

In a statement, Reditus responded, “One of Aaron Rossi's attorneys, David Rossi, said this is a personal matter and they have no comment.”

Rossi is also facing a lawsuit in Tazewell County, the area south and east of Peoria. A business partner accused him of mixing Reditus’ finances for his own lifestyle filled with a luxury car collection and two private planes.

There are over 28 vehicles registered under Rossi’s name or the company’s. There are another 59 vehicles registered to Reditus.

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