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I-Ready virtual camp registration open for students with autism

By Angelle Cortes

The Autism Program at the University of Illinois will be hosting a virtual I-Ready summer camp for the second year in a row and registration is now open. Illinois high school sophomores to seniors, who are interested in attending the U of I, have the opportunity to attend.

The week long program is designed to promote the future success of college students on the spectrum.

Jeanne Kramer, the Director of The Autism Program said that she hopes the program will inform both parents and students about what it's like to be a college student on the spectrum and what to expect when on campus.

Jeanne Kramer, Director of The Autism Program Photo: Courtesy HDFS Illinois

Despite it being a virtual experience, Kramer said that the participants last year were engaged and even extended the camp an extra day.

The camp includes breakout sessions and panels with University students that are and aren't on the spectrum.

Kramer said last year's camp had around 60-80 applicants, but could only accept 30. As for this year, the program will continue to accept 30.

The program is also looking to expand in the future to hopefully bring students on campus and experience the University.

Kramer said that the support for students on the spectrum ends after high school, but life doesn't end there.

"Their need for support doesn't end there," Kramer said. "So getting them ready for that next stage of life, I think is a huge of this as well."

The fee for I-Ready is $150 per person and can request scholarships by contacting Kramer

Deadline to apply is April 23rd and applicants will be notified of acceptance by May 6.

The camp will be held from June 20th to the 24th and deadline to apply is April 23rd.

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