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Good Morning Illini

March 3, 2023

Good Morning Illini for March 3 2023.

Coming up on Good Morning Illini, a tornado warning was issued this week. We'll hear how students protected themselves. Then, St. Patrick's day is almost here. We learn how students plan to celebrate early during "unofficial" this weekend.

Later, Professor May Berenbaum joins us to talk about this weekend's insect film festival.

Although it isn’t quite St. Patrick's Day, don’t be surprised if you see campus crowded with people dressed in green.

Our Haley Bickelhaupt says today, Saturday and Sunday, many students may be out and about for unofficial-- an early st. Patrick’s day celebration.

U of I recently became part of a movement that’s happening across the country. Good Morning Illini’s Liara Aber tells you what

It's On Us is doing to prevent sexual assault on U of I’s campus.

Raising Canes opens on campus to lines surrounding the building. Our Michal Szczepaniak tells us what the excitement is all about.

That's right, insects, those six legged creepy crawlers, but for the entomology graduate student association it's a passion. Its also a good reason to host a film festival.

The EGSA will be hosting an insect fear film festival this saturday in foellinger auditorium starting at 5:30. The theme for this years festival is "living fossil" arthropods. Movies won't be the only thing at the festival there will also be an insect petting zoo as well as specimens from the illinois natural history museum.

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