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CUPHD Building out of new booster vaccine

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

By Alex Bahena

On Monday, September 26 the Champaign Urbana Public Health District announced that they currently no longer have any more appointments available from through October 14 for the new bivalent COVID-19 booster vaccine. While the CUPHD is out of appointments at the moment they are expected to have more available in the coming weeks once they receive more COVID-19 booster vaccines.

While COVID rates have not been as high as in previous weeks, it is still highly advised that people still get vaccinated if they aren't fully vaccinated or tested if they need to. The university has now opened a new testing center at CRCE. Take-home tests are also available on campus at several locations such as the bookstore, the dorm halls’ front desks, and the ARC.

The campus area has a high reported overall percentage of people being vaccinated. The area has a 94% of people being vaccinated, but cases are still pretty high in other surrounding towns.

In the last seven days, the Champaign Urbana area has conducted around 2574 COVID-19 tests with only 52 of the tests coming back positive. In the last 30 days, the positivity rate in town was at nearly 11 percent, but it has taken a big toll in the last seven days. The Champaign Urbana district is now at a 2 percent positivity rate.

While the CUPHD building is out of available appointments at their building, surrounding areas such as CVS and Walgreens still have appointments for the new bivalent COVID-19 booster vaccine for people in need of the new booster.

McKinley Health Center also has a supply of the new e COVID-19 booster vaccine, and students are able to make appointments

If people do want to get vaccines they can visit and then begin to set up an appointment at their most convenient location.

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