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Controversy over upcoming campus event

By Alex Bahena

The announcement of a recent upcoming event has brought controversy for some people at the university. It was recently announced that Matt Walsh will be attending the University of Illinois on October 6. Walsh is set to make an appearance at the university to discuss his documentary and give out a short lecture on his “What is a Women” documentary which was released earlier this year. The documentary follows Walsh as he attempts to get a deeper understanding of gender. The documentary was followed up by a lot of controversies when it was first released.

Walsh is currently on a college tour, discussing his film this month, The Univesity of Illinois is the second stop on the six-stop tour. Other universities included are the University of Houston, the University of Alabama, and the University of Madison

The event is being organized by YAF, or Young Americans for Freedom an RSO on campus. They are set to host Walsh on Thursday, October 6 at Gregory Hall for anyone who is interested in attending the event. At the event, people will get a screening of the documentary followed up by a lecture from Walsh

A lot of people recently have been discussing Walsh's upcoming visit to campus. A lot of people have shared their feeling toward to the event on social media sites like Reddit. People have gone to share and post controversial things that Walsh has said about certain communities, some people have also discussed the idea of starting a protest as well, but nothing has been officially set up

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