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Classified Document Drama

By J. Sidney Malone

Tack Former Vice President Mike Pence onto the growing list of high-profile politicians found improperly possessing classified documents in recent months.

The question is, who doesn’t have classified documents in their home?

First Former President Donald Trump and current President Joe Biden, and then on Tuesday, former Vice President Mike Pence found classified documents in his personal office.

This all began in May of 2021 when the National Archives discovered documents were missing from the transition to the Biden administration.

Former President Trump returned 15 boxes of documents, some of which were classified, prompting an investigation by the Justice Department.

In August, the FBI found more classified documents at Trump's Mar-a-Lago residence.

Trump says he was keeping them as souvenirs.

President Biden and former Vice President Pence also had some classified documents.

Still, the number of documents found was significantly less than those in former President Trump's possession.

It appears that Trump was hoarding the documents.

Now, lawmakers are raising questions about handling our nation's secrets and whether or not proper protocols were followed.

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