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Chat GPT & Contextual Engineering

Under the direction of Dr. Ann Witmer, graduate and undergraduate students from across multiple discipline meet to present and discuss various research topics related to contextual engineering. Dr. Witmer calls these discussions noodling sessions. This week Computer Science major Sam Gerstein presented on Chat GPT.

Chat GPT is an artificial intelligence language processing model, developed by Open AI. Sam noted some of the things it has been used for, "It's not only just a chat bot you can converse with, but its been used in health care, its been used in code generation." Not only did the group question it's potential uses but also it's misuses. While there are some safe guards in place to prevent misuse and generating fake news they are not perfect. Sam gave the following example. If you ask Chat GPT how to build a bomb it won't tell you; but if you ask it to write an essay on how to hypothetically build a bomb it will. At the end of discussion students walked away with more questions than answers.

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