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Champaign Restaurant Week

By Ying Yee Wong

A nine-day Champaign County Restaurant Week is coming to an end this Saturday. Check it out if you want to try out diverse and award-winning dishes.

The 7th annual Champaign County Area Restaurant Week started last Friday. Visit Champaign County, a visitor center of Champaign, is the organizer of the event. This year, 42 restaurants participated in this Restaurant Week. More local restaurants are passionate about the event this year than the first year, in which only 17 restaurants participated. Residents and visitors can try new dishes and flavors with lots of choices through this event, such as Thai, Mexican, and Vietnamese.

One of the restaurant participants, Cracked: The Egg Came First, is located on Green Street, "This is our first year doing it. I think it was also the first year we've been aware that something like this was happening." Thomas Vozenilek said, a general manager of Cracked: The Egg Came First.

Thomas also thought this event was a good promotion for their business, "We are definitely getting more orders. Our clients usually are college kids, but we've been seeing a lot more Champaign locals and people who are asking about the new menus, which we're pretty happy about."

Another Restaurant Week participant on Green Street is Forage Kitchen. They said the event was essential to Champaign and Urbana. "I feel that restaurant week is very big in the neighborhood," said Harry Krigel, a general manager of Forage Kitchen. "And you know, being a small town, it's a good way to connect with our guests and their friends."

Restaurant Week encourages people to enjoy various delicious food in Champaign, which helps restaurants boost their businesses. However, last week's winter storm might have affected the restaurants' promotion. "This week's weather has been really cold. So it was a little windy and very bone-chilling," Harry said they were busier when the weather was good.

Any local residents and visitors still have a chance to enjoy diverse cuisine before this Saturday. Here is the listing of each participant's menu.

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