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ARC Resistance Training Renovation

By: Liara Aber

On January 16th, the Activities and Recreation Center officially opened its new and improved strength and conditioning space. Associate Director of Student Wellness for Campus Recreation, Alana Harris, says this project began over four years ago.

The new strength and conditioning room used to home a few of the ARC’s many basketball courts. Harris says a group of directors from across the country conducted an external review of the ARC. The group cited that the building lacked dedicated resistance training space for the student population. The results of a facility satisfaction survey later showed that many students felt the same way. Then the pandemic hit. Harris says the long lines during COVID were the final push to get this project rolling.

Students now have access to both the basement and the concourse level for resistance training. Each space received new equipment. Professional staff in the department narrowed down the best commercial grade equipment and a group of students helped make specific selections. The equipment chosen includes weight stack machines, plate loaded machines, cable machines, and more, to serve a wide range of gym-goers.

Harris says, “We really do pride ourselves on being a place for everyone and that all people should feel comfortable doing the things they want to do.” Harris hopes that the new open environment and variety of training opportunities satisfy the needs of all students in the gym, from beginners to experts.

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